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What’s in My Beach Bag

For today’s post I thought I’d share my beach bag essentials.

A beach bag is a must! You don’t need to go all out and purchase an expensive bag, any substantial bag will do. It needs to be big enough to accommodate everything you want to take along with you, including your towel.


Next up, I always bring with me a small makeup bag to hold the items I don’t want getting wet: license, keys, money, phone, etc. If you have a large beach bag your more than likely to loose things, so having a smaller bag helps keep things organized.


Sunscreen… (the higher the SPF the better). My favorite sunblock to use for the face is the Neutrogena with SPF 110 and as for the entire body I like using any type of sunblock. DSC_1462

You can’t forget sunglasses! Protecting your skin and lips shouldn’t be the only thing being protected from the sun. Like your skin, UV rays are harmful to your eyes. My favorite sunglasses are these Raybans.

My iPhone and earphones are another essential, I love listening to music while sun tanning. In addition I like taking something to read, either a book or magazine. I’m currently reading The Selection by Kiera Cass.

DSC_1466 (1)


A few other things I always pack in my beach bag:

I like to bring a portable charger to the beach, because you never know how long you plan on staying. In my makeup bag  I have a face spritzer to help moisturize my face from all that salt water and sun.  Coupled with hand-wipes (wipe off the salt from your hands or to clean them), hair ties, lip balm with SPF, perfume, and deodorant.



Snacks! snacks! I like to always carry some snacks. Protein bars, trail mix, chips or cookies. Anything to munch on, that’s not to heavy.

And lastly a water bottle filled with ICE cold water, staying hydrated is crucial when laying out in the sun especially in the tropics.  I prefer to use a stainless steal water bottle that keeps my water cold for 24hrs.


Thank you for stopping by!


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