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My 4 Favorite Bloggers

With so many lifestyle bloggers out there, I wanted to share with you my top four favorites. Enjoy!


1.Cara Van Brocklin:IMG_4527

Cara was the first Lifestyle blogger I discovered a few years back. Her photos are mesmerizing and gorgeous. Cara has the best Fashion style and not to mention great tutorials. Her two boys are adorable! I love how her personal style is reflected in each of her post. Her blog is both informative and inspirational.

2. Merritt Beck / TheStyleScribe:IMG_4528

A girl from Texas that blogs about life, travel, and beauty. Three of my most favorite topics. There’s always such beauty and grace when it comes to Merritt. I love seeing the outfits she puts together for any occasion At Any Age, her Travel tips, city guides, and her recipes.

I especially love her paleo and gluten free banana cinnamon muffins recipe.

IMG_45243. Liz Cherkasova/ Late Afternoon: 

This fashion and beauty blog talks about all the latest trends and fashion finds. The best feature of her blog is that you can purchase the great looks on the blog without ever having to leave the site.  Late Afternoon is all kinds of  classy inspirational fashion that can take your style and kick it up a notch.  You are sure to turn heads with her unique style.  I love, love,  her outfits.  Her blog screams class.  #Goals!

4. Amber Fillerup/Barefoot Blonde:IMG_4525

All the way from Hawaii Amber is funny and unequaled. I love seeing her kiddos through all of her wonderful pictures. I enjoy reading her sincerity for the things that matter to her. Her hair tutorials, beauty, and fashion post never fail to impress. She  has a YouTube channel where she vlogs and has amazing “How To” tutorials.  You must check out her braid tutorials.  AWESOME!

Here is the link to her YouTube channel:

Let me know in the comments who’s your favorite blogger.

Have a great week !






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