4 Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day Activities

Simple activities to do with the children.


1. Heart Hunt:

Cut out paper or card-stock into heart shapes and hide them around the house. Trust me you will be playing for hours! I played this game with one of the girls I care for and it went on forever.




 2. Musical Hearts:

(Minimum 3 players)

Align hearts to create a path. You will need music for this game. Play your song of choice. While the song is playing the children will walk along the path. When the song is paused all players should stop and land on a heart. After each pause one heart must be removed.  The player left on the single heart is the winner.






3. V-Day Necklace:

Materials: String, beads, and a heart shaped paper. Have fun creating your own stylish necklace. A wonderful form of expression.




4. Handprint Flower Bouquet:

Kids love to get messy with paint. Grab some white paper, paint, scissors, ribbon, and some pipe cleaners. Paint their hands with generous amounts of paint. Then, stamp their hands on a sheet of paper. When handprints are dry, cut them out. Attach a pipe cleaner to each hand to create the stem on the hand flower.  Once finished tie them all together with ribbon. Voila! You have a handprinted bouquet that the kids can give to their mom, dad, or family member.

Thank you for stopping by! 

Pink Hearts!!!




Kiara Crawford

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