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Favorite Nail Polish

Hey lovelies! Nails are an instant accessory. Bright or neutral colors complete any look.  When it comes to nail polishes I’m very picky. I’ve tried tons of polishes, but couldn’t find one that I liked for the life of me. Finally, I found oDSC_2656ne that I adore and love. Say hello to the Revlon Nail Enamel.

The things I look for in a nail polish is the drying time, shininess, and the thickness of the brush.

Why do I love Revlon Nail Enamel?  For starters, it dries really quickly and the shiny luster lasts, making it look as if you just painted your nails. It comes in a variety of colors which is something I like to see.  Although I tend to stick to the same colors, there is a wide range of hues within those colors.  The good ol’ pinks, reds, and neutrals are usually my go-to choices. The favorite part of the product is that I don’t have to use an added top coat. It lasts longer without chipping unlike other brands.


Revlon Nail Enamel $3.97




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